About Certificate

Sir Certificate me name ka first letter to Capital ker dete ,
My name is Reenu Saini, you wrote it reenu saini,
please share it again after correcting it,

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Please update your name from Jovian settings https://jovian.ai/settings

It has been updated.

I’ve completed the course and on the course page it says 100% completed but I can’t see my Certificate, how can I get the certificate?
Thank you!

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Hello Annan,

You can view the certificate on the main page - I attached a screenshot so you can see, there is a “View Certificate” blue button.

I have the same problem. It shows 100% completed, but there is no option nearby to view certificate

Hello @heitzsimon
I can see your page got the “View Certificate” button. But mine doesn’t have one. Here I have attached a screenshot of what is on my course page.

@swathysubash99 @annandejene0 certificates will be shared shortly.

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Interesting… The only thing I can think of is that they haven’t generated the certificate for everybody or maybe a bug. Anyhow since you completed the course 100% you should receive the certificate soon enough.

During the Course Party, you mentioned about some new courses that are in the pipeline (e.g. Machine Learning). Are there any plans to introduce any type of ‘overarching qualification’ (e.g. diploma) if we complete all the different courses?


Please fill out this form and we will make corrections as soon as we can: https://forms.gle/FLvsk14pCKeaLb8K7

This had been sent by @sidujjain


@swathysubash99 @annandejene0 you can now view the certificate on the course page.

Yeah I’ve got it… Thanks

Yes Siddhant, I’ve now gotten it. Thanks!

Yes, stay tuned for updates about this!

My self uma shankar completed course on “Data Analysis with Python:Zero to Pandas”, i did not received my certificate, i have done all assignments and course project. kindly provide certificate asap.


My full name is Danish Alam and the certificate mentions D Alam. Could you please re-issue it with correct name.

Danish Alan

I’ve changed the name in profile " Danish Alam"

Hi @prakashashish @danish-alam26, new certificates have been generated. It may take up to an hour to reflect correctly.

Thanks Sid for all your efforts.