Assignment 2: Train Your First Model

Starter notebook:


In this assignment, we’re going to use information like a person’s age, sex, BMI, no. of children, and smoking habit to predict the price of yearly medical bills. We will train a model with the following steps:

  1. Download and explore the dataset
  2. Prepare the dataset for training
  3. Create a linear regression model
  4. Train the model to fit the data
  5. Make predictions using the trained model

Steps to complete the assignment

  1. Fork & run this notebook:
  2. Fill out all the ??? in the notebook to complete the assignment, and commit the final version to Jovian
  3. (Optional) Replicate the model training for another dataset & write a blog post
  4. (Optional) Share your work with the community on the thread

Make sure to review the material from Lecture 2 before starting the assignment. Please reply here if you have any questions or face issues. The recommended platform for writing your blog post is .