Assignment 3: Feed Forward Neural Networks

Starter notebook :
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Submission Deadline : TBA


The ability to try many different neural network architectures to address a problem is what makes deep learning really powerful, especially compared to shallow learning techniques like linear regression, logistic regression etc. In this assignment, you will:

  1. Explore the CIFAR10 dataset:
  2. Set up a training pipeline to train a neural network on a GPU
  3. Experiment with different network architectures & hyperparameters

Steps to complete the assignment

  1. Fork & run this notebook:
  2. Fill out all the ??? in the notebook to complete the assignment, and commit the final version to Jovian
  3. Submit your assignment here:
  4. (Optional) Write a blog post on one of the topics suggested at the end of the notebook
  5. (Optional) Share your work with the community on the Share Your Work Here - Assignment 3 thread

Make sure to review the material from Lecture 3 before starting the assignment. Please reply here if you have any questions or face issues. The recommended platform for writing your blog post is .