Changing default documentation of functions(Doubt)

"""........ """ 

while the docstrings are used to provide custom documentation to the functions
we cannot really change the documentation of in built functions,can we?
this statement returns error.
For these type of functins how can we change the defualt documentation.

Why would you change documentation of something that wasn’t written by you?

Besides, I have no idea why are you trying to access the documentation by using .doc. If you wan’t to view the documentation in python you need to use help(numpy.add)

its a typo ,its .doc ,and what’s wrong in changing documentation of a function . I was just trying to experiment with a piece of code.

If you mean __doc__ then yes, this can be used to get docstring, but you need to use it like this:
numpy.add.__doc__ (without calling the function).

But changing it is not possible anyway.

Thanks for the correction