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Any questions, ideas or thoughts regarding the course project are welcomed here

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Has any one started, and if so how are you progressing? I am a bit behind, but will catch up soon :smiley:

Hello guys, Is it allowed to do Machine Learning after the analysis for the course project?

This sounds intriguing! Would you be so kind to share your process with us as you go along :smile:

Realised I never properly answered your question; of course you are allowed to do that. Our lecturer even encourages that. You won’t get a “better” certificate (although your project may be featured), but the main thing I believe is to add something amazing to add to your portfolio

Oh sorry @haaikraai, I didn’t see the reply. Really Sorry for not giving you my reply earlier.
I’ll be more than happy to share my process! let’s connect on LinkedIn as I am more active on the platform
Sorry Again!

Will add you later. My LinkedIn is so outdated :see_no_evil:

I’ll definitely steal some ideas from your LinkedIn profile as well in order to fix mine if that is okay :smile:

Just curious, did you do the Deep Learning course or are is machine learning something you just learned by yourself already?

Definitely work on your LinkedIn, its an amazing platform. Take as much as you want :wink:

I didn’t do the Deep Learning course by jovian but I learned Machine Learning by myself. What about you, did you that course?

So I decided to work on a small dataset I found from Kaggle; the Breast Cancer Wisconsin (Diagnostic) Data Set. The dataset have 30 different features (that describe different characteristics of that tumor) and also a target column (that tells us whether a given observation has a benign or malignant tumor). There are 569 observations in this dataset.

I did Exploratory Data Analysis and Classification (I used Support Vector Machines), I am finishing up the project. I’ll share the link once I am done so that you can see how I did it.

You can find the dataset here.

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Any one else want to share what they are working on for the course project

I know! I used to be in the Chemistry field, but LinkedIn is a must for anyone interested in working in the IT industry.

I did follow the Jovian Deep learning course. Needless to say it was explained so brilliantly - the mathematics included! But in all honesty and shame, I underestimated the quality so I did not complete the final project for the certificate :see_no_evil:

There is another course you may be interested in. I will get a new LinkedIn password this evening :rofl:

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I have my “boilerplate” of my project, I am working on the “creative” part at the moment. I am definitely doing something involving music or sound. I have been searching hard for a dataset with a specific set of features. I want the more technical information of music such as the notes, scales, bpm, etc of songs. (Any leads would be most welcomed btw!)

There are a lot of Spotify/Youtube datasets, but I am not particularly interested in popularity trends. There is one I did find covering environmental sounds in general which seemed like fun, but a 979Gb dataset will probably cause some problems, lol.

All the best for your project Andre an Annan, we’re looking forward to it!

P.S.: Don’t worry about the Deep Learning course, we will do another run of the course soon.