Course Project on Exploratory Data Analysis - Discuss and Share Your Work

While saving, add file name in commit’s parameter

jovian.commit(file = ‘file_name.csv’)

Then run

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Hello, sharing my project here, finally! I have worked really hard for this project, do let me know, if there is any more way I can improve, all sorts of comments are welcome! :smiley:


Looks like there are unique values in the fourth column. Guess you need to pass that as well to aggfunc…

@aakashns Sir, can I do the course project along with my friend. We both want to do together and submit the course project.

Thank you.

Unable to pull the file for project can anyone help

I tried through Kaggle but it also giving error

Done with the couse project. Here’s my project, have a look

Loved this course and really forward for more such courses.
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I have already made a submission, but wanted to make a small change, can I do it now?

I believe you can keep revising your work till the deadline. Enjoy the progress!

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Write this line of code before trying to import it
!pip install wordcloud

I believe that I finished with the course project but also we have one week to make changes.
Have a look and enjoy!

Hello everyone.
I have completed the Course Project on YouTube India data Analysis (2017-2018)
I Hope you Iove this analysis.
Feel free to suggest any corrections and like it.

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Okay, Thank you ! :))

Hi guys, I am sharing my work…
Since it’s IPL time in India, so I did my analysis on IPL data available on Kaggle
I know it can be improved further…

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Hi Folks,
Does anybody know how to remove the submitted jovian notebook from the coure project page?

Thanks. I got it. I had completely forgotten about uploading on the main page before utilising pd.read_csv

Hey Everyone, I finally completed the project. Do let me know what you think or have any feedback. Thanks!.


For jupyter, you need to upload the dataset every time, that is the csv file. When you go to the home page, toy have an option called upload, upload your dataset and then click on your notebook to run and then perform, it will work!

Here is my blog, which briefly summaries my work, in very basic way, so people from non coding background can read them too. Do give it a read! :))