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My submission for the course Project

if you are asking about the final project, you should ask four questions about your data and answer them in your project notebook.

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checkout my project on youtube trending videos analysis

thank you @vijayrai247

how to show image on the overview link?
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Anyone knows how long it will take to update Full Name in Certification? I have updated my Full name by going through Setting but still Certificate is showing Older name only.

Hey, Folks I just published my article on Google Play Store Apps Analysis, Please give it a read, feedbacks are welcomed.

Blog Link:- Click

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Thanks to Jovian for the great project support.

It was an awesome journey and hope to share the project and give credits to Jovian @jovian1

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Will Mr. Aakash still be grading? I wanted to ask because I turned in my course project late

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I submitted my project before the deadline, but for some reason, the submission was not executed I got the result 2 days back and submitted within a short time. Now that I have passed, will I not get a certificate? I don’t have the view certificate button on my course page as shown on the graduation party. Can anyone help me one this matter, please? @aakashns

I faced the same problem with encoding.
Then I did some modification in the rawToDf function.

with open(file,‘r’, encoding=‘latin-1’) as raw_data:

gave latin-1 as the encoding type and while calling the function, I used the below code as it is
df = rawToDf(‘c.csv’, ‘12hr’)

Worked fine for me after spending more than an hour on this. Happy coding.

Here is my course project

Feel free to give feedback

Thank you!

Hi Everyone,

Here my Course Project:

Feel free add your comments feedback.

Thank you!

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