Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas (Discussion group)

Hi guys,

as we did for Pytorch Zero to GANS course, we have decided to create a new discussion topic for the Pandas course.

This is our way to keep in touch and ask for help or information.

See u soon.



This is Carlos, I am a SW Project Manager at Bosch in Germany, developing new AIoT (AI + IoT) products from conception to mass production and market delivery.

I previously made the zero to GANs course and I really enjoyed it, therefore, here I am again with the zero to Pandas course!

I am happy to connect with other similar souls in LinkedIn


Hi and thanks everybody!

I’m a psychology student interested in building (deep) neural networks to understand brain mechanisms. I’ve just completed an online course on intro to python programming, and looking forward to advancing my data analysis + plotting skills with the Zero to Pandas course.
Currently residing in London BST and also up for connecting with like-minded people on LinkedIn and Twitter

Excited for the chatters!
Charlotte (Ziyi) Guo


Hi guys,

I’m a third year CS major, though I live in the U.S. one of my big goals is to eventually move abroad, preferably Europe. I’ve dabbled with Python but am well versed in Java. I really want to learn data science because it’s such a transferable skill to any industry. Look forward to getting to know you guys. I haven’t really used my Linkedin but am definitely looking to connect with more like-minded individuals.

Looking for to expanding my skill set!
Tarik Kindell

Hello everyone,

I am working as a data analyst at Alcon in Russia, currently working on a sales prediction model. Hope that this course will help me revise Python and advance my programming skills.

I am pleased to meet you all and happy to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Welcome to the community @petrovayuu

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