Data Science Daily Newsletter - September 10, 2020

Here are three links you should check out today:

  1. [Blog Post] Continuous Machine Learning: Learn how continuous integration & deployment techniques from software development can be applied to machine learning in this 3-part series

  1. [Course] Causal Inference Bootcamp by Duke University: What do we mean by saying something causes an effect to happen? How can we measure it and teach computers to identify causation? Follow this Duke University course to find the answers.

  1. [Conference] Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) Europe: excited to partner with ODSC Europe, one of the world’s largest conferences on applied machine learning. Use the code ODSC_VC_JovianML for a 10% discount.

Discounted - VC ODSC Europe 2020 general passes -
Discounted - VC ODSC Europe Bootcamp 2020 passes -

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