Data Science Daily Newsletter - September 12, 2020

Here are three links you should check out today:

  1. [Book] Machine Learning from Scratch: Learn the concept, construction and implementation of fundamental machine learning algorithms like linear regression, decision trees, neural networks, and more in this unique book that strikes a fine balance between theory and code:

  1. [Video Tutorial] Generative Adversarial Networks in PyTorch: Follow along with this video tutorial to learn the concepts, code, and techniques involved in building & training Generative Adversarial Networks or GANs to generate images of anime faces using the PyTorch deep learning framework.

  1. [Blog Post] Sync vs. Async Python: Learn how to write asynchronous code in Python, and how it is different from normal Python code. When done right, async Python code can help scale your Python application’s throughput by several orders of magnitude.

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