Data Science Daily Newsletter - September 23, 2020

Here are three links you should check out today:

  1. [Panel Discussion] GANs for Good by Don’t miss this panel discussion between the pioneers of machine learning & GANs including Andrew Ng, Ian Goodfellow, and Alexie Efros.

  1. [Book] Eat Tensorflow 2 in 30 days: Learn Tensorflow 2 with code-based tutorials and practical examples in this fun little ebook that you can complete in 30 days or less. Tensorflow2.0 :apple::tangerine: is delicious, just eat it! :yum::yum:

  1. [Competition] Papers with Code - ML Reproducibility Challenge 2020: Looking for a new project to work on? Try implementing some of the top papers published in major ML conferences like NeurIPS, ICLR, CVPR and more for kudos and prizes.

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