Data Science Daily Newsletter - September 3, 2020

Here are three links you should check out today:

  1. [Video] Image Processing in Julia taught by Grant Sanderson (3Blue1Brown): Learn the basics of the Julia language and image processing in this exciting new MIT course taught by Grant Sanderson. Follow along with new videos being released every week…

  1. [Tutorial] Semantic Segmentation in Self Driving Cars: Learn to build a semantic segmentation model used by self-driving cars to identify and distinguish vehicles, pedestrians, traffic signs and other objects on the road in real-time using deep neural networks. The code is available as a runnable Jupyter notebook.

  1. [Library] Handcalcs: A library to convert Python code to Latex: Check out this simple yet really powerful library, especially useful for writing reports the require equations and calculations to be written in Latex. Just use the handcalcs.render Jupyter magic command.

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Great articles … its too good to be notified on day to day advancements on the field of AI

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Nice :+1:, good to see these Newsletters.

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The third one is :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:!! Will try as a begiinner!!

Hey jovian team! Can we do a classifier which tells the chicken that is bought from the butcher is of good quality or bad quality.IT should be something like when we just click the picture of the chicken and pass it through the model.It should be able to say whether is good or not

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You would need at least a 100 pictures each of “good” and “bad” quality chicken. Then you can follow an approach like this: