Data Science Daily Newsletter - September 4, 2020

Here are three links you should check out today:

  1. [Model] Wav2Lip - Accurately lip-syncing videos to dubbed audio: Check out this exciting demo of Tony Stark speaking in 5 languages & Andrew Ng teaching in German with perfect lipsync, thanks to the Wav2Lip open-source deep learning model…

  1. [Tutorial] Apple Launches an AI/ML Residency Program: A year-long program for experts in various fields to apply their domain expertise to build revolutionary ML and AI-powered products & experiences. Learn more and apply here:

  1. [Blog Post] Facial Expression Recognition with PyTorch using 4 different models: This is a comprehensive 2-part survey of different approaches for classifying facial expressions using PyTorch, with working code shared via runnable Juptyer notebooks.

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