Data Science Daily Newsletter - September 8, 2020

Here are three links you should check out today:

  1. [Video Tutorial] Analyze Covid-19 data using Pandas: Learn to perform data analysis with Python & Pandas while analyzing real-world Covid-19 cases data. You can just watch & learn or follow along with a runnable Jupyter notebook.

  1. [Research] Synthesized videos of professional tennis players: Watch AI-generated tennis players play full competitive tennis points in this demo of vid2player. The model and training codebase for this project are open source.

  1. [Blog Post] Identifying Emergency Vehicles using PyTorch: Fatalities due to traffic delays of emergency vehicles such as ambulance & fire brigade is a huge problem. Follow this article to learn how to build a deep learning system to detect emergency vehicles.

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The tennis AI games are amazing! :open_mouth:

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