DeepFake Technology

Hey everyone, do anyone here know how to create a deepfake model?
Because I got very inspired by deepfake technology. Does anyone have a guide on where to start?

It will be cool if can form a team and start a deepfake project together!

Hey @edsenmichaelcy!!
Good to know your interest and even I share the same.
I have explored few pre existing deep fake models and tested out with author’s code. Repo links given below🤟
First Order Motion Model:

If you are asking for my own model, then I’m sorry, I am still in learning and exploring :wink::+1:t2:


Hey great to know someone are interested in this. Same I still exploring more on this deepfake technology too. Maybe we can create a group chat about this technology haha

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Yes, it would be great. Let’s make a study group here in Jovian itself.

Is that fine??

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I am cool with that hahha

Ok, but I also feel like it wouldn’t be effective if, we are the only two people in the study group. We need to have a bunch of people who are interested in this.

Here is the Study Group Request Form for creating a study group. So, I think let’s gather at least a few like-minded people to run the show and I don’t have an idea how to gather them…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Sure no problem. I will pull my friend who is interested