Discussion Forum: Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas

If you have not registered for the Data Analysis With Python course, please do so here. It is a free, well-presented, certified course to include on your CV.

It is perfectly okay if you have not done the previous Deep Learning with PyTorch course, this one will cover other topics.

We can discuss the lectures, assignments, projects and other ideas amongst us South Africans in this forum. We can also help each other if we struggle with anything in particular.

Finally, invite any people you think might be interested to sign up as well.

Join you all Saturday 17:30 in class!

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Quick note for all who’s first course this is. Personally, I have found it is not necessary to take notes all that much. Everything is explained thoroughly and all links are available.

Perhaps print out the First Steps links and add extra notes there if you want.

Finally, all the code can be run through the internet, so you do not even need that great of a PC.

Let’s get going then :slight_smile:

In regards to the mix-up with the connection on Saturday the 15th, the full lecture is still available to watch in two parts:

How did everyone find it?

It was very informative, The lecturer is really good at teaching!

Hi guys,

The lectures have been great. Can anyone help me with the exercise from lecture 2. i have defined a function and it is running. However, I want to be able to also print the name of the cheapest destinantion, not just the cheapest vacation cost. How do I do that using the program?

def holiday_experience(flight, hotel, car_rental):
“”"to calculate the cheapest holiday experience.

Flight: return flight
Hotel: daily rate * number of days
Car rental: For the week

experience = (flight + hotel*days + car_rental)
return experience

Paris = holiday_experience(flight = 200, car_rental= 200, hotel = 20)
London = holiday_experience(250,30, 120)
Dubai = holiday_experience(370, 15, 80)
Mumbai =holiday_experience(450, 10, 70)

print(“The cheapest destination is {}.”.format(min(Paris, London, Dubai, Mumbai)))

One more thing, how do I start my own message in the discussion without having to reply someone?

Hi guys. Anyone going through Lecuture 2: Python Functions and Scope. Has anyone done the question on the vacation and deciding where to go (between Dubai, Paris, London and Mumbai)?

I am stuck on this one, please hep:

If your total budget for the trip is $1000 , which city should you visit to maximize the duration of your trip? Which city should you visit if you want to minimize the duration?

I am not quite there yet :see_no_evil:, I will assist by tomorrow evening at the latest.

You should be able to start a new topic on our forum by yourself as far as I am aware??

If not please let me know and I will contact the jovian.ai administrators to find out.

If I understand correctly, can you not just get the cheapest destination by only using your
flight variable and ignoring the hotel and car_rental ones?