(EDT)Canada-Study Group

I just want to create a study for this timezone. Feel free to introduce/post any useful links etc.

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Yo, I’m Arvindh, a high school student interested in CS. I’m interested in a study group, and I think a Slack or Discord might be helpful.

Hey, I’m a Master’s student at USC. It would be great to study with like-minded individuals in the same timezone.

Hi, Im a senior in college any means is fine, but i recommend using signal.

CST USA here. Signal or Discord could work!

did u guys created a group ?

I have created a discord server “PyTorch jovian.ai: North America” https://discord.gg/dDJe5Q


I followed the link and registered for an account. Hopefully more people will come!


Hi, I’m Alberto from Chile.

I’m a mechanical engineer with MBA studies, from Venezuela but living in Chile. I have little experience with Machine Learning/python but took some university programming courses and use VBA on a daily basis. I would like to join this study group.

Yo, I m from the Bay area. MBA Finance with keen interest in technology… Looking forward to connect…

We’ve got 5 members (including myself) on the discord. If anyone else would like to join, please signup here https://discord.gg/dDJe5Q and introduce yourself! We will have specific channels for lectures and also update each other to hold ourselves accountable!

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The discord links keep expiring every 24 hours, so updating it does not seem to be feasible. If anybody wants to join the group, either DM me or look for “PyTorch jovian.ai: North America” on Discord.

just joined. New to machine learning. Hope to build up my resume with ML course.

Hey guys, I’m unable to search for the server can someone send me the invite link thank you.

https://discord.gg/ccgSZV. This link is valid till 10:27am Thursday.

Hi guys, I’m Jorge from Mexico.

I studied electronic engineering and want to learn more about deep learning. I was looking for the group in discord but I can’t find it. My username is “locotron”. It would be great to join the group.

Hello everybody,

I’m Fabian from Canada. I have a M.A.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering and I’m glad to join this study group!



I am Stefan from the USA. I am a 3rd year BME student and I’m glad this study group exists. Can someone share the discord invite again?

I am at PST time, would like to join this group.

Can you send a permanent link? i know they’re possible on discord.