Episode 1 - PyTorch Basics & Linear Regression

Youtube Livestream: https://youtu.be/1HWwDUCxGFU

Notebooks used during this webinar:

  1. Machine Learning Intro - https://www.jovian.ai/aakashns/machine-learning-intro
  2. PyTorch Basics: Tensors & Gradients - https://jovian.ai/aakashns/01-pytorch-basics
  3. Linear Regression with PyTorch - https://jovian.ai/aakashns/02-linear-regression

Please use this thread to ask questions during the webinar. If you see a question that seems interesting, please upvote it.

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i’m curious if we could do image segmentation on brain tumors in the future.

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Like this post if you were able to run the notebook on Binder or elsewhere. If not, please comment here.


Any reason for using Pytorch over Tensorflow?

What’s the difference btwn array and torch tensor as both exhibits same properties?

Does y.backward() function works even for complex function ? Does it use any numerical methods or calculus ?

This is the notebook I just created: https://jovian.ai/aakashns/01-pytorch-basics-bb7c6

Just like pycharm editor, can we debug the code here ?

Why is region not be used in the model?

How the loss can be a quadratic function?, if it has multiple local minima ? quadratic function is supposed to be a smooth function with one local/global minima

Which one we would be using for deep learning in industrial practice? PyTorch in-builts or manual one?

what abt the community after completing this series? will we be able to access notebooks?

No. But you can commit new versions directly from the PyCharm editor.

agree . having more than one maximum /minimum means the degree of the function to be 3. for example: ax^3+bx^2+cx+d.

Where do you sign attendance and also where are the links to the assignments?

Where do we sign attendance and also where are the links for the assignments?


I thought I was the only one having the same issue. Really can’t find the links.

Can someone please share.

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where can I do attendance please kindly share the link

How do I post my attendance?

please share the links to assignments and assignment submission process.