Episode 4 - Image Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks in PyTorch

Code: https://jovian.ai/aakashns/05-cifar10-cnn
Video: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_pU7QZSuBTV-GPL3PdBG0Bg

“Deep Learning with PyTorch: Online Workshop Series” is a collection of webinars covering various topics like the basics of Deep Learning, building neural networks with PyTorch, CNNs, RNNs, NLP, GANs. The workshop series consists of 5 episodes. This episode will focus on the topic “Image Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks in PyTorch"

The workshop takes a hands-on coding-focused approach, and everything will be taught live using interactive Jupyter notebooks. Theoretical concepts will be explained in simple terms and using code.


  • Basic coding skills (preferably Python)
  • Basic understanding of linear algebra (matrices, derivatives, etc.)
  • Completed Beginner level workshop (conducted the week before)

Use this thread to ask questions.

Hi @aakashns, zoom link seems to be broken.

How the channels are increasing after pooling layer?

Hey @aakashns episode 4 on youtube seems to be not uploaded properly