(EST) Study Group

Please comment if you’re interested. I am a grad student working on wireless communications, and am interested in applying ML for my research. Have basic knowledge of ML techniques, but haven’t applied anything more complex than scikit learn and basic DL with Tensor Flow.


I am in Eastern timezone. Also looking for a study group - so I would be in assuming the times work out. I have a PhD in mathematics, looking to move from academia to industry. I do a lot of programming in Python, fairly comfortable with the basics of ML theory and practice, comfortable with keras but no PyTorch experience yet. Looking forward to learning a new skill and collaborating.


Hi Gregory, thanks for responding. We can definitely work together. Your expertise in mathematics should be handy.

Lets discuss more once the assignments are out. Best wishes for the course.

Hi guys, I am a junior software dev with experience of data engineering and coding in python, I am probably not at your level guys but I would be happy to contribute to your study group!

I am in gmt+2 btw, but I think we can make it work out!

I’m interested in this study group. Eastern time is good for me.

I am in 11th grade and have some basic ML knowledge and I am in the CEST time zone.

I don’t have much experience with Python or any of the ML libraries (scikit, TensorFlow, Pandas, etc) but I am in EST and eager to learn

Heya !! Similar situation :slight_smile: Best of luck my guy

Hi I am currently in EST time zone and I am interested in joining this study group. I have a good mathematical and coding background. Majored in MSc Mathematics and M.S Computer Engineering, professionally an embedded software developer. New to DeepLearning frameworks but eager to learn.


I’m interested, im in central time

I am in the IST zone. I’m looking forward to joining this study group. I’m a 3rd year student in Btech in CSE. I have some basic knowledge in ML.
Looking forward to learn about it more and have fun

I’m a high school junior with basic knowledge on ML and DL, and have experience with research. I’m interested and eager in joining this study group! (EST)

I am interested. I am a 3rd year Electronics student with enough knowledge in python and basics of ML.

I’m interested as well. I’m in the eastern timezone, but I’m only really free during the evenings.

Just one minor confusion about the timezones listed in the study group title since EST and IST are very different. Furthermore, most places in the eastern time zone are currently observing daylight savings and are using EDT not EST.

I’m 3rd year electronics and communication engineering student learning python for.machine learning and Data science

Hello, I’m a 3rd year Biomedical Engineer bachelor’s student and I am in EST time, don’t have much experience in DL and Python

Yeah, i’m super confused by EST and IST. Maybe there’s another EST somewhere?

hii ,
I’m a B.Tech student looking for a study group, I have basic knowledge about pandas, matlpotlib, scikitlearn, numpy

Nice to see such great interest here! I will recommend one of you to take up the initiative of conducting a poll to find a time to do weekly review session over video call.

What to do in the review sessions?

  • One person can share their screen, and scroll through the notebook cell by cell
  • If anyone has any doubt about a cell, they can share, and you can have a discussion.
  • Everyone can share what they are planning to do for the assignment, and if already done, they can share links with the study group
  • anything else that comes to mind…
    The study group is a place to help and learn from each other.

Hi All,

I am at beginner level with the DL algorithms. Looking forward to seek and try to help others with the best of my knowledge. Shall we setup Slack for a better communication?