Evaluation: Update on the Evaluation of Assignments


We’re making some upgrades to our automated evaluation system, and we’ve paused automated evaluations to test out the new system thoroughly before we roll it out. The new system will be up and running by Sunday, April 25th. If you have made a submission after April 10th, then your submission will be re-evaluated. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience!

From - Jovian Team


The automated evaluations has been updated, we have manually evaluated the assignments from April 10th - 25th, if by chance some assignments are missed you can resubmit your assignment and it will be evaluated.

Sir the issue is still not solved my last 2 assignments are not still evaluated.

Hi @indulkarrutik, could you specify which assignments are yet to be evaluated?

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Thank You Sir, my assignment is evaluated. Where will I get my certificate?


The certificate will be available on the course page within a day or two.