(GMT+2)South Africa-Study Group

Let us start a study group for South Africans. If not of us are here, I will join another one.

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@haaikraai I am new here I would like to join you here to help each other out

Hey. I am fairly new as well. But I think I am starting to get the hang of it now :slight_smile:
It would be great if you can help with the administration of the study group.

Getting amped for tonight’s lecture and seeing if I can still catch up on old assignments for this day.

@ chevezpakiry So I do apologise for the delay.

We can perhaps set a time to meet up over Zoom or whichever platform

hey, I am GMT+2 how can i join you?

@ chevezpakiry and @ najlaahassabelnabi

I am happy to announce that we will be continuing with the study group even though the course is over.

Together we can delve deeper into machine learning as South Africans. I shall be in contact with you soon, but feel in the meantime, please try your best to find other fellow South Africans who would like to join our community. It is okay if they did not do the course, anyone who is passionate enough can contribute to our collective interest in their own way. The more we are, the more we learn.

We can also then stick together for any other upcoming courses, start working on projects together and of course we should never underestimate the importance of networking.

We will talk soon. I hope you are as excited as I am. Together I am sure we will excel at this interesting, but vast land of learning that still awaits to be explored.

Hi Andre. My name is Cherish. I see you mentioned that you will be continuing with the South Africa study group even though the course is over…I am in the right time-zone (Zimbabwe) but I am not sure I am in the relevant group for my learning needs. I am starting the course from zero to pandas tomorrow (15 August) and I am a total beginner at this. Would this be a relevant group to join or you guys are way ahead? If not, may you please direct me to a relevant forum since you probably have more experience on this site. I am looking forward to immersing myself in this course and one thing is for sure, I need all the help I can get.


Hi Cherish

It would be great fun if you joined us!

Do not worry, we are all new here. The levels of experience varies, but we are all here with the same goal; to learn and enrich that experience by doing it together.

I did the Deep Learning course as well and can assure you that the lecturers and assisting officials were very helpful. They read and replied to the threads on comments and questions to over 4000 people.
So don’t be afraid to ask any questions during the first class tonight and especially discuss topics or anything unclear in this specific group forums. This will help us all and set a great foundation for working together on our own independent further learning, projects, portfolios and future career paths.

The road to data science is a long and broad one. There are many sub-topics to investigate.

I completely get you, the platform is a bit daunting at first. I will add a “Table Of Contents” for easier navigation around the forums and sections by the end of the weekend as well.

I am glad you sound as enthusiastic as I am for tonight. Be prepared though, the lectures contain a lot of information, but all is explained thoroughly and can be reviewed again before the next class.

And most importantly, we are here to help. I will definitely have some troubles of my own as well :joy:

Thanks Andre for your response. Glad to be part of the Africa group. I look forward to interacting on this platform.

Let me introduce myself. I studied Economics and Finance at the University of Cape Town and moved back to Zimbabwe. I worked in banking and then focused more on economics in the NGO space. I have since settled on asset management and I really enjoy the world of investments. I am currently a CFA Level II candidate and there are readings on machine learning and big data projects. I see the huge potential in getting skilled in data science in finance and I am really fascinated by it. I also think it will give me an edge and help me become a better investment analyst.

This course is my attempt to get to know more and hopefully build from there. I have no prior experience but I see it as a no brainer. It’s something I just have to learn. I am glad I am not the only one on this journey and it will probably be better than going at it alone.

Cherish, I could not move your post, so I copied your post to the introductions.

Thanks for your input, I want everyone to participate more. I will reply in the introductions copy later, let me focus on the lecture for now :slight_smile: