Gratitude thread - Thank someone who helped you during the course

Please use this thread to express gratitude and thank someone who helped you during the course.

This course could not have been organized without the support of the community. Thank you for helping and supporting each other day and night, lecture after lecture, assignment after assignment.

I want to highlight some of the most active members on the forum (I’m sure there are many names I’m missing here, please @ mention others too).

Thank you @Sebgolos, @oneworldcoder, @nachiket273, @deepmalya, @vasavi2020, @aadhav-n2, @bvramanaw, @archita-vasu, @ederev, @ali, @kartik.godawat, @shuvrabanik, @avinashshah099, @vijayabhaskar96 and many others for your contributions on the forum!

Also, thanks to the course team comprising of @sidujjain, @vishal, @PrajwalPrashanth, @sonaksh1, @deeptish, @sudeep, @ashishk1404 and @v-snehith999, @Nilexshinde for working tirelessly behind the scenes and making sure the entire course was organized smoothly.

P.S.: We are still preparing the certificates, you will receive them shortly.


Thanks to @erelin6613 @micheledifazio for helping out others on the forum. Although I didn’t interact with them, but it was great to see them supporting newcomers and helping them during the course! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! it means a lot!! looking forward to pandas course ((:


Thank you everyone who’ve been helping out on the forums! As much as I would try answering, I’ve learnt a lot more by going through the discussions happening every week. I would get my answers just by going though the forums for the questions I had. Kudos to each and everyone who’ve completed the course :tada:

I would finally like to thank the Jovian team for helping us out on the forums, working relentlessly and making this amazing course! And all the best for the next one!


Thank you! As I see Jovian won’t be empty forever after and even though I will not join Pandas course I will eagerly help others if I may of course (too much too often I deal with this lib already :D)


Thank you for this wonderful course. Eagerly waiting for Python course.


To everyone who made sure to react to a question, thanks so much and also thanks to the team.
I was preoccupied with my final exams but i’d like to say I placed 6th in a churn classification challenge with a basic Pytorch logistic regression model even though I started a bit late.
I’m pretty sure if I had applied the techniques learnt in the later lessons, things would have turned out differently but all the same I didnt get the chance to make new friends here but I’ve really learnt a lot from this course, so much that I don’t plan on stopping here. thank you so much. looking forward to more of such courses.
thanks once again


Thank you to @aadhav-n2 @worminhole @vijayabhaskar96 @PrajwalPrashanth @aakashns @Sebgolos @nachiket273 @erelin6613 @ali @anirudha-akela, freeCodeCamp, many others at the IST Bangalore Study group and everyone else who helped this course happen.

Because of this wonderful community I feel confident while coding.


Thank you for organizing this course, @aakashns and The entire Team. The course content was absolutely great and easy to understand. Also thank you for the great notebook on Kaggle, @vijayabhaskar96!

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Thank you @aakashns for this course and the help provided

it was not in vain when i decided to start this course 6w ago! thx to the entire community and @aakashns for this course!

Thank you for organizing this course, @aakashns and The entire Team. The course content was absolutely great and easy to understand.

Thank you for all , I am very happy with everything I have learned during this day.

i Regist for our upcoming course "Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas"

Thanks to @aakashns for organizing this course and helping everyone.
I’m waiting for the pandas course which I think will be wonderful.

Thanks, to everyone who made sure to react to a question, thanks so much and also thanks to the team.
A special thanks to @sidujjain who helped me with my project in resolving errors.

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Thank you @aakashns and everyone else at for creating this course and giving us the opportunity to dip into the realm of the deep learning using PyTorch. I took the course without having known Python or Pytorch, however the course structure and the instructor’s live code explanation helped me go through the course without much trouble. I am looking forward to attend the upcoming ‘Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas’ and hopefully many other courses in the future. Also I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who took the time to address queries of others on the forum. Much appreciated.

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Thank Aakash, Jovian team and everyone on this forum. This accomplishment is possible because of you.

Thank you @aakashns , entire team for creating such wonderful content. I also want to thank to my fellow learners whose posts, blogs, discussions kept me motivated and make the learning so enjoyable. Thank you all.

Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to the pandas course.

This was a great course and I thank all the people involved in organizing it.
I have learnt a lot from this course and I hope you guys host more such online courses and help more students like me learn and progress.

And I look forward to the Pandas course.