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Please join this group if you are in Delhi (or close enough). Be sure to sign up for first.

After that, please tell a bit about yourself by replying to this thread, including:

  • a bit of your personal history
  • where you live (this can be useful post-lockdown)
  • your experience in programming and machine learning
  • what you hope to achieve
  • anything else you think is of importance or just interesting
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.Hello Everyone,
My name is Jigyasa. I’m a computer science UG student. Hope, you all are doing well in this this situation.

  • I’m currently at dungarpur, Rajasthan ( a small town near Udaipur). And familiar with dehliites so, joined this group.
  • My experience in programming is at intermediate level and I’m comfortable with some languages like python, javascript, PHP etc. I’m also a cybersecurity enthusiast so, wanting to learn AI using ML so, for now I’m not familiar with ML.
  • So, let’s connect, share information with each other, learn, explore and execute !!

Hi ,
I am Satyam . I did my MS in Geoinformatics from BIT Mesra in 2020. I am taking this course to apply deep learning on my feature extraction project . ML and AI is one the important aspects in Goeinformatics (spatial intelligence ) . I am looking forward to learning .

Thanks & Regards
Satyam Suman