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Namaskaram everyone. My name is Utpal Bera. I am working in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre(BARC) & an IITB alumnus. I joined here to up-grade my knowledge in DL. Thank you all and thank you Akash & Prashanth for such initiative.

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Hi Friends,

My name is Swapnil Gaikwad and I am from Pune ,Maharashtra, India.

I am really glad to have this opportunity to learn from a really diverse community.

To know more about me please visit the following link and let’s connect to learn together.

My Networking and Portfolio :

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  3. GitHub:

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  6. Twitter:

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Need my “first emoji” badge. :slight_smile:

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Sanskruti Rajendra Punde

Good day I am Godwin from London

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Myself sowbarnika Anbalagan,
Doing my third year Electronics and communication engineering in Anna university Tamil Nadu…I’m a fresher interested in Datascience…I’m seeking for help…that how to start learning…

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Hi ,
i’m Chaya Ravindra Assistant professor in engineering college in Electronics and telecommunications .interested in Deep neural network concept doing my phd work in this.i am very much interested in data science course


I am Kiran U Kamath. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Information Science from National Institute of Engineering (NIE). I write code, blog.
My website:


my name is Luis and I am a german chemistry student. I am specializing in computational chemistry and biochemistry and I will conduct my master thesis in ML guided drug discovery. I am using machine learning since a few month and used mostly RF but the next project will require some DL and I want to get insights into the mechanisms of DL. I have already watched all the lectures and find the concept to be well thought out and would like to try finish all assignments as fast as possible. We will see :smiley:


Hi everyone! I am Tan Li Tung from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia! I am an undergraduate students in Electrical and Electronics Engineering!

Currently I am starting a study group in the MGT+8 region! If you are someone who is interested to learn about data science together with the community, do join us on!

See you there!

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Hello, My Name is Gaurav Joshi and I am 3rd year B.Tech(CS, AI&ML) student, I am pursuing my study from Sharda University, Greater Noida. I am looking forward to become ML Engineer.

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Hello, everyone! My name is Nahuel Alvarez, I am a junior data scientist at a medium sized company in Argentina. I am currently taking the last semester of my Systems Engineering degree at the National Technological University. I’m fascinated by artificial intelligence, computer security and crypto. Nice to meet you all!


Hi, I’m Pavan kumar, I’m studying Engineering in the field of Electronics. I am very much interested to see these course

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Hello all … This is vinay lingam. A recent graduate and fresher in software corp. hoping to learn a new tech here with all the community. Cheers :tada:

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hello. my name is Shahan. I am currently working as a data analyst. My interests are to learn the skills of a data scientist and use machine learning to create predictive models and recommender systems.

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Hey I am Mohit Dharmik.
I am a second year student at Bits Pilani, Goa Campus, pursuing BE in Computer Science.
I have a little experience in android app development and have worked on a project last winter.I am looking forward to explore more fields in my college life and work on new projects, and the most interesting field I found was Machine learning. So I want to learn more about it and I hope this would be the right place for me to do so❤️.

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Welcome to the community @MohitDharmik


Welcome to the Community @sazk07