(IST)Durgapur,India-Study Group

This is study group from anyone who’s from durgapur studying deep learning from jovian.ai.


Yes I am interested.

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I am interested to join the study group

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Yes i am interested …

Please try and submit both assignments, as early as possible before 6th June. Make sure to fill the Google form. Look for these keywords: Assignment1, Assignment 2, Submit Your Work, in the forum.

Forum : Latest Deep Learning with PyTorch: Zero to GANs topics - Jovian Community]


am from durgapur and would like to join this group

I am interested in joining this group

Yes i am interested in joining

Are you from Bengal College as well?

I recently had a conversation with Siddhant from Jovian.ml. He has asked for a count of all the students from our College, currently taking this certification. I’m giving him a count of six. Is that okay?

No actually am a passout from BC Roy Engineering College

Yup I hope we can find other 4 members

I am interested in joining this group.

Mr.Mahfooz, I am sorry but you’re late.

Have all of us submitted the assignment?

Did all of us, submit the Assignments 2 and 3 respectively? Have we participated in the Data Science Competition on Kaggle? It is completely fine and okay if you face some issues navigating through the notebooks, problems and even the forums. Just ask the questions here and everywhere at the threads. Thank You!

Here is my course project i am still making it but i will keep updating it, suggestions appreciated.