(IST)Hyderabad,India-Study Group

Join this group so that we can meet and discuss All Things Pytorch . We can create a study group over Whatsapp/ Telegram to help each other, share resources, new developments and motivate each other.


that would really be nice

Yeah It would be cool!!

Just wanna know if i have missed the first deadline can then also i can carry on …?

Hey Can i be part of it.

Everyone from hyd right…!?

Interested! Share your plan for studying. I have just joined…so need to make extra efforts to complete two assignments by June 6th

Can I join this group? I’m from Visakhapatnam though.

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I am from Hyd, can you please add me to the group.

How can i join in the group.

If the telegram group is already created, can you please post the link here. Thanks :slight_smile:

HI ,
I would like to join this group .Iam new to datascience and collaborating and sharing the work with you all would be grt in understanding the concepts .yes , Iam also from Hyderabad.


This is Nirmal from Hyderabad.