Jovian Mentorship

Hi Aakash -

I’ve enrolled for the mentorship program, I’m looking for details on how the program works. Looking forward to great learning.

Deepa Sarojam

Hello @dsarojam2020, As you have enrolled for the mentorship program, You will be invited into a slack channel at first, There are different channels created in the slack group,

  1. At first Introduce yourself in the #intro channel,
  2. If you have any problems regarding your code ask in the #help channel
  3. If you want to showcase some of your good projects or works post it in the #updates Channel
  4. In the #general channel you will be able to interact with your mentors, fellow mentees and the jovian team.
  5. The #random channel is for everything else.:v:
  6. The #office-hours channel is where you can find the details and recordings of weekly office hours.

As you are a part of this program, you can now set up a one on one 15 minutes call with our instructor(Aakash) in case you have any doubt and you need some help in it. Weekly office hours will be conducted where you can showcase your project updates and ask for help if you are stuck anywhere. Welcome to the mentorship program, I hope it is a bit clearer to you about how the program works.
Have a nice day.