Korea weekly study group proposal

Hi, everyone

This is terasco, the Jovian.ml South Korea Study Group leader.
I would like you invite to weekly study group of pytorch

As @haaikraai commented earlier “Study group is for us to inspire, teach and learn from each other. Also, networking with other people is the best route to success.”

Meeting will be held via video chat , and I am expecting that we will have 30 minutes meeting discussing each chapter every week on a best time after a poll. You may need to be used to Korean in chat.

Through Jovian.ml platform we will have wonderful experience experimenting a lot about deep learning.

Please join this Korea study group after sign up for Jovian.ml.

E-book from pytorch.org will be used for building up common knowledge of pytorch

Please reply “I’m interested” to join

Thank you

Who should read this book ==>> (Quoted from e-book)

This book is meant for developers who are or aim to become deep learning practitioners

and who want to get acquainted with PyTorch. We imagine our typical reader

to be a computer scientist, data scientist, or software engineer, or an undergraduateor-

later student in a related program. Since we don’t assume prior knowledge of deep

learning, some parts in the first half of the book may be a repetition of concepts that

are already known to experienced practitioners. For those readers, we hope the exposition

will provide a slightly different angle to known topics


Hi terasco, is there any update on this yet? Let’s learn and grow together.