Lecture 3: Training Deep Neural Networks on a GPU

Lecture Date and Time: December 5, 2020,
English: 9 PM IST/8.30 AM PST | Add to calendar (Google)
Hindi: 11 AM IST | Add to calendar (Google)


Additional Resources

What to do after the lecture?

  • Run the Jupyter notebooks shared above (try other datasets)
  • Ask and answer questions on this topic (scroll down)
  • Start working on Assignment 3 - Feed Forward Neural Networks

Asking/Answering Questions :
Reply on this thread to ask questions during and after the lecture. Before asking, scroll through the thread and check if your question (or a similar one) is already present. If yes, just like it. During the lecture, we’ll answer 8-10 questions with the most likes. The rest will be answered on the forum. If you see a question you know the answer to, please post your answer as a reply to that question. Let’s help each other learn!