Lecture 4: Analyzing Tabular Data with Pandas

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Use this thread for asking questions during and after the lecture.


Who is here for the lecture?


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please repeat Pandas format …How we can use that ??

sir please tell me How we can determine question for anaylzing the huge data??

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how this happened ? please help. thanks

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Performance wise - individual statements are better or combining multiple statements improves performance? or no impact on performance?

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can we only merge as column or we can add into row wise??

You can just concat rows of dataframes.

Why the ; after a statement?


how can we use historic data to forecast new cases etc. - what will happen until December?

it just a typo, not produce any change

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After each and every plot statement?

Jupyter implicitly prints anything that is returned from a function. So if .plot() returns anything that will be hidden with ;, you can remove ; and see


Okay! Will try! Thank you for the information! And, a ; in Python is interesting!!


its not working. showing error

When we will get our assignment one corrected?