Lecture 5 - Data Augmentation, Regularization and ResNets

Livestream Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJF6PiAjE1M

Lecture Timing: June 20 (Sat), 8.30 AM PST/9:00 PM IST

Notebooks & References:

What to do after the lecture?

Asking/Answering Questions :
Reply on this thread to ask questions during and after the lecture. Before asking, scroll through the thread and check if your question (or a similar one) is already present. If yes, just like it. During the lecture, we’ll answer 8-10 questions with the most likes. The rest will be answered on the forum. If you see a question you know the answer to, please post your answer as a reply to that question. Let’s help each other learn!


@aakashns There seems to be a conflict in some of the emails you sent out for assignment deadlines. In the email you sent 20 minutes ago, you said that the deadlines for assignment 1 and 2 are now closed. However, in an email you sent on Saturday June 13th, you specified that the deadline for both assignment 2 and 3 was changed to “June 20th 9:00 PM IST/3:30 PM GMT”. It still hasn’t become 3:30 PM GMT, so I’m not sure why you’ve said that assignment 2 is now closed. Could you please explain if this is a mistake?

You have time, the link for assignment 2 is still open for 16 hours or so.


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@aakashns @PrajwalPrashanth can the submission deadline for the course project and kaggle competition be extended? The course was about learning GANs and some people ( including me) would like to make a project on GANs. and since GANs will be taught next week. So it will be great if we get 1 week after the lecture to work on GANs


Hey I have submitted all 3 assignments but have not received any PASS/FAIL messages only confirmations of assignments being submitted. Thanks in advance.

Will you guys acknowledge our kaggle submission?

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@PrajwalPrashanth I’m currently doing my project by implementing DeViSe on Pytorch, is that acceptable for the course project or do I need to do only classification/regression problem?

Assignment 5 - Course Project This is request of some other people mentioned in Assignment 5 thread link.

@aakashns @PrajwalPrashanth

Hi dear Jovian Team,

Do we have to do 1 submission per day for the competition?

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@aakashns, is there something you would like to tell us? xD

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When I uploaded my model to the data competition, the score was 0.71. When I checked the score on the site, it changed to 0.17. Why that happened?

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Can You give an intuition how Augmentation actually works ? If training set has X number of images, will 2X / 3X different images generated when Aug/Transforms are applied?

@PrajwalPrashanth @aakashns The ‘Run on Kaggle’ button seems to run the notebook in the existing tab as well as on a new tab, Seems like a probable bug with the recent upgrades on the platform.

@aakashns @PrajwalPrashanth Hii guys. I have submitted all the previous assignments but haven’t got any pass or fail grade mail. I hope you look forward to it. So even I get a fail grade, I would have enough time to make a submission once again.

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@nikitajit Please reach to pytorchcourse@jovian.ai with the email address that you have used to submit the assignments with.

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