Lecture 5 - Data Visualization with Matplotlib and Seaborn

I think there is an option on toggle bar. jupyter

this option seems like scissors or cut.

anaconda3\envs\rstudio\lib\site-packages\seaborn_decorators.py:43: FutureWarning: Pass the following variables as keyword args: x, y. From version 0.12, the only valid positional argument will be data, and passing other arguments without an explicit keyword will result in an error or misinterpretation.

Can anyone say why I am getting this Warning?


Can anybody help me with the error?
Well, nothing is working with hue as a argument.


Can I get data set for all the discussion which is made maximum in any lecture or assignment.Please…

My notebook link is not opening in colab and when I try to open it in Binder, it is taking a lot of time than usual. Does anyone know how to solve the issue?

I cant wait! Many thanks for the opportunity!

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Who’s here for the live lecture?


Always looking forward to this lecture!

Here for the lecture !

How to create multiple cross plots in one figure, see the attached image?

File >> upload… That’s how you do it

Be patient. He will cover it.

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Why does the output is not seen while adding label

Does the legend determine values based on the order in which they were created on the plot?


I dont find the script he is showing now, data-visualization-guide.ipynb does not contain the seborn stuff that he is talking now. anyone has the same issue?

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Try python-matplotlib-data-visualization.ipynb

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Can anyone say why I am getting this error?
SyntaxError: positional argument follows keyword argument
what does the positional argument &keyword argument mean?

Hey, @aakashns, are you sick today?