Lecture 6: Exploratory Data Analysis - A Case Study

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Why i cannot enroll this courses?

I’m not able to enrol this corses ! what should i do ?
and thank you

What next after this course tell me I will join

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I’ve uploaded a data file from my desktop to Jupyter notebook. Each time I open the project the file is gone and I have to upload it again is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Each time I open my project I have to run all the cells again otherwise they are all giving error messages. Is there a way to prevent this??


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Who’s here for the lecture?


please explain a little bit about -----survey_df.where …----used in the line 29 0r 30

Thank you so much for making sample datasets available on Jovian platform, much appreciated!! :+1:t2:


If python is easy to learn, do you think demand/salary will get saturated soon due to high availability of skills?

Why my course progress is showing 20% completed? while I have completed all assignments and exercise.

go to your lec attended from starting and on right upper side mark it as a completed your progress will improve

i used the pokemon dataset as i’m interested in cartoons. will it be Okay?

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this is the last lecture today…where were u since last 5 weeks?


i didn’t know that i have to be enrolled i just use to follow the lessons, and when it comes to apply the assignments i figure out that i must be enrolled ,so what should i do? and thank you

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this is ok. But what will u do withi this cartoon.

Enrollment period is over now!

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Enrollment period is over now!

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