Lecture 6: Exploratory Data Analysis - A Case Study

Thank you so much for making sample datasets available on Jovian platform, much appreciated!! :+1:t2:


If python is easy to learn, do you think demand/salary will get saturated soon due to high availability of skills?

Why my course progress is showing 20% completed? while I have completed all assignments and exercise.

go to your lec attended from starting and on right upper side mark it as a completed your progress will improve

i used the pokemon dataset as i’m interested in cartoons. will it be Okay?

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this is the last lecture today…where were u since last 5 weeks?


i didn’t know that i have to be enrolled i just use to follow the lessons, and when it comes to apply the assignments i figure out that i must be enrolled ,so what should i do? and thank you

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this is ok. But what will u do withi this cartoon.

Enrollment period is over now!

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Enrollment period is over now!

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Who’s here for the live lecture?


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You need to set the lessons you finished to complete, and once the assignments have been marked with pass grade, they’ll also be set to complete automatically. With all these, the percentage of your progress will show.

What if I only want to select certain rows?


I have downloaded two csv files from kaggle to my computer.
I can upload the two files to my jupyter notebook in binder but it gets
tiring uploading it every time i open a new notebook to start my work.
Is there any way to avoid this?


You can do that with survey_df.loc[15:32]

How much data pruning to be carried out without affecting the Explanability of the ML results?

iam learning python too , let me know if you have good resources!!

my dataset has over 64000 rows and I need to drop the last 500 rows with elements from column 2