My work is missing

Hello everyone,

I had filled the empty Exercise cells in ’ First Steps with Python and Jupyter’ and committed the notebook. It prompted a msg saying ‘Commit is successful’ However I was never prompted for an API key. Also when I opened it again my work is missing. Pls help.

Can you check the notebooks in your profile?

I had checked it.

I had committed my work. But it didn’t prompt me for an api key.
I ran the notebook from these tabs after sometime. My work is missing. :frowning:

It won’t ask for API key when you run it using Binder because it’s already authorized from your account.

Can you check this notebook and tell me what’s missing?

I had completed both the exercises in the empty cells that were given below. but when I reopen it , its empty.

Hey, the notebooks in Binder/Colab are generally autosaved. But sometimes the notebooks are not automatically saved. As Jovian captures the saved instance of a notebook, the new work won’t be reflected to your Jovian notebook if the Binder/Colab notebook isn’t saved. We recommend to do a sanity check after a successful commit so that you wont loose your work.

There were two set of exercises in the notebook. After completing each set , I did a commit. Even then my work is lost. So what should I do to not lose my work in future.

You should check if the notebook is saved or not before committing. If you find that the notebook is not autosaved, go to files section on the top bar and save the notebook and then commit.