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What should be the algorithm for checking number before that?

Hint : If the current numbers index is position the index of the numer before this will be position - 1 .

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Is this okay? Or the output should be -1?

It should be 0, this is fine

Hello, My submission for assignment 1 was evaluated as FAIL even though all the test cases are PASS when I run the jupyter notebook. How do I fix this issue? TIA

The test cases on which the assignments are evaluated are different from what you see in your notebook, Maybe There is some mistake in your assignments, what is the FAIL comment you got?

Test 8 : FAILED. Do we have to check if the sorting is done L-R or R-L? I am already checking for empty arrays, arrays with single elements.

I am unable to understand what is the error, you can send me your assignment notebook through a Personal message ( Click on my profile picture and click on message )