Not able to upload jupyter notebook from local to jovian

Hi, I am not able to upload the jupyter notebook for my course project from my local system to jovian. It has size of 107 MB. Whenever I try to upload it, It asks me to login again(although I had already logged in) and then nothing.
However, I am able to upload smaller files. Can you suggets an alternative to this or fix this issue please.
I have also tried committing the code from jupyter notebook but it is giving message ‘Committing to Jovian’ from an hour now. With this method also I was able to commit some of the smaller files to jovian.

Try reducing the size of the notebook. There’s a 100 MB file limit at the moment. Ideally it should be 10-20 MB in size.

It worked. Cleared outputs for some of the visualizations, the size got reduced by a significant amount. Thanks!