Notebook not working

MY notebook is not executing statements

Make sure there are not cells running already. If there is some with * inside square brackets ( [ ] ), then it means it’s still executing.

I am facing an issue that on saving the notebook if again editing it it show it is not defined and it on again calling the similar csv file which runs previously but after saving it runs error . So can anyone tell me how to edit in the same notebook and avoid the error.

If you save the notebook (and leave the page) then the whole “status” of the notebook is gone (all variables, functions and so on).

You need to run all the cells again up to the one you want to edit.

I will do that @Sebgolos in case I find any issue regarding above issue can I message you or I contact you how or others since I am new on this platform. Also can you send the contact no of jovian as Akash Sir mentioned there is working hours in it.In case I have any issue I share screen as there is upload button which I don’t know before.
Thanks for solving my doubt :slightly_smiling_face:

Just post your issues on this platform. Someone who can help will reply you.

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Yeah, but beware that I’m the type of person which prefers “hinting” the solution instead of sending right away all the code.

I don’t know his number, neither I’m part of Jovian Team.