(NPT)Nepal-Study Group

hi there,it seems that there aren’t any study group for nepal so i made it
the time will be GMT+5:45


Great, Let’s study together. :nepal:

Group garam na ta…

How is it going guys?

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I am good. How about you guys? And What about the course. Currently what is your status of course. Did you complete all assignment?

Happy learning.

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I am completely new in to this field. To be honest I was all lost watching the last lecture! But somehow I have been trying to read and watch tutorials to get the intuition over CNN and I guess it’s going pretty good! However I am yet to try out cifar dataset using CNN and start with the rest of the assignment!

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Telegram channel Only if you guys are interested @jovian_nepal

thanks for making this group. CHEERS >>

From the basics of python for data analysis like List Manipulation to PyTorch, here is a collection of notebooks which can be useful for newbies like me.