Pytorch Zero to GANs Course Discussion(Mumbai)

This is to create a virtual study group and learn more. We can use any medium like slack/telegram for sharing resources or asking questions as well as zoom/meet for discussions.


Hey i am interested to join this study group.

Hey I am also interested

I am interested to join this study group but i am from Indore (Mini Mumbai :sweat_smile:)

I am also interested to join this group

Great! How shall we proceed then? Since we have fewer members as of now we can just discuss here and choose a weekly time and date for having zoom sessions to discuss the lecture notebooks.

Ya I think we can conduct 2 live sessions on weekly basis like [Monday and Thursday] or [Sunday and Wednesday]. In the first session we can discuss about lecture, cover all notebooks and related topics .Then we will practice accordingly and in 2nd session we will discuss some doubts related to assignments n all. What do you think guys?

I am really interested in joining your study group.


I am from Thane and interested to join this group.

Yes we can do that. Sunday and Wednesday seems good to me.

Yes, I think this is a good idea.

Hey , I have registered from the link given in the youtube video description is that ok and I’m also interested in joining this group.

Hi, I am interested in joining this group

Hey i’m interested to participate in this group

I am interested in joining this study group.

hey, i’m interested too

Hello, I’m interested.

Hi, I am interested .

Hello, plz add me in study group . Plz create a whatsapp group.

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I’m also interested in joining the weekly study group.