Regarding IDE for practice

First many thanks for your initiative and providing the learning opportunity to free for everyone…

I am Nathan. i am also beginner to Python. i am using PyCharm IDE as text editor. Can i use to practice code and your assignments in PyCharm IDE or do i need to code on Jypter. Please tell.


I think it would be better to use Jypter because if you don’t run all the cells in order, you may get lots of errors.

You can use PyCharm to work through the exercises, and copy the completed code into Jupyter for submission. However for Assignment 1, it is pretty manageable to do everything in Jupyter.

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Thank you for the reply

What I did was use PyCharm for the question exercises and copy and paste the final code into the Jupyter Workbook

Jupyter is a very good editor for beginners and it is easy to understand each and every line of code with well structured organization of documentation ad it is not prefer to use jupyter only you can use spider, pycharm, vscode,etc but for a beginner level it is prefer to use jupyter and if you not installed at you can use google colab this is cloud based text editor and your code is directly saved in your drive.