Resume Feedback: July 13 - July 19

Hello Jovian team,
Here is my resume,
Ashwini.resume.pdf (107.1 KB)

My focus area is my projects and work experience. please give me some feedback to improve my resume.

The role I am actively looking for:
1.Data scientist
2. Machine Learning Engineer
3.Data analyst.

Here is my LinkedIn profile link:


I would like feedback on my Resume please. It is not in strict Chronological order, as I have tried to seperate Data-related activity from everything else, with the former being sent to the ‘front of the queue’. Also, I have completed some individual courses in Data Sciences from various institutions without taking the full qualification, so I am trying to combine all my Data-related courses into effectively one entity that is comparable to a ‘(Post-)Graduate Diploma’.

My previous work in Machine Learning is quite limited, and restricted to 1 or 2 individual projects. But I do have one notable role in Excel Data analysis.

Resume.pdf (421.1 KB)

As for my LinkedIn profile, it is significantly less detailed than my Resume, as it has to be the ‘Lowest Common Denominator’ of all the jobs that I am applying for. e.g. Between my Bachleors and Masters I did some quite Advanced work in Research, but I do not want to be bragging about this when applying for a basic job as an Excel Data Analyst, otherwise the employer will seriously question why I am applying for a lower-level role!

Hi jovian team,

My LinkedIn profile:

I like to switch my career into Machine Learning domain.

Hi jovian team,

I am Sandip Dutta. I am a first year student enrolled in engineering.

Since it is extremely important for a college student to get good internships,
I would like some feedback on my Resume and Linked Profile to improve myself.

Key focus areas:

  • Experience / Projects: Is the presentation style okay? What else can I do/ how to improve?

  • Skills : What exactly do we need to mention in skills? Should we mention names of
    modules in Python which we know or something else.

Roles looking for:

  • Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer roles
    (Mostly looking for internships)

Really looking forward to today’s session. Will be surely helpful for many students who want to pursue data science and related roles in the future.

Hi Team,

My LinkedIn profile & Resume:

Hi Team Jovian,

This is my Linkedin profile link:

and this is my resume: SumitSChawla.pdf (195.3 KB)

Please review both resume and Linkedin profile and let me know the changes if any.
I am currently into web development but want to switch to ML domain.


Hi I’m aiming for working as a ML Engineer, Software Engineer on ML platform, Software Engineer

My resume:Aditya_Kulkarni_Resume.pdf (157.2 KB)

My LinkedIn profile:

Thank you :blush:

Hello there!

Thank you for this opportunity.
Here is my LinkedIn profile ->
Looking forward to get some feedback.


This is my LinkedIn profile: .
As for my LinkedIn profile, it is significantly less detailed than my Resume. So i request to give feedback on my LinkedIn profile as it’ll enhance my learning and will help me a lot for my career.
My field of interest is Machine learning and data science and your feedback will help in every possible way.

Hello! This is my LinkedIn profile link:
I request you to please give the feedback on it and tell me how can I further improve it.
Thank you.

Hello guys,
Hope you are doing great all, please find my LinkedIn Profile at the following link:

Hello Jovian team,

I’m currently looking for positions in the following areas:

  • Machine Vision
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Deep Learning

Here is the link to my LinkedIn profile @fabianaguilarc

You can find my resume in here: Resume - Edgar Fabian Aguilar Calzadillas.pdf (302.8 KB)

I would appreciate your feedback.

Thanks and regards!

Hi Jovian team,

Here’s my Linkedin profile for feedback:

I am primarily looking for Data Analyst and Data Scientist roles.


Hello Team,
I am looking for some feedback on my LinkedIn profile:


Hello everyone,

I’m Merugu Akshay Kumar and here is my resume.Merugu’s Resume.pdf (59.1 KB)

Hi Team,

This is Snehit Vaddi and here is my resume: Snehit Vaddi Resume PDF-1.pdf

I like some feedback on my resume as well as my LinkedIn profile.


I am looking for roles like:

  1. Machine learning Engineer
  2. Data Analyst
    or anything related to ML/DL Domain

Thank you in advance!!

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Hey Prajwal!!
Would you mind sharing Word format of your resume. I would like to frame my resume in this template.

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