Scrapping Audio files from the Macaulay Library for usage

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I want the to download audio files from the Macaulay Library site for numerous species for a particular region. I know it is a library of free resources. But I couldn’t find any way to access the data so that I can download the whole audio files datasets for numerous species at once. I also searched for an API to access the data from the Macaulay Library, but couldn’t find that too.

Below is the site for the same:

Any help to download the same would be helpful. Or else if any insights how to get the audio files about birds or any species from net that would be very useful.

Hey, Can you check this website,
I am not sure if the data here is the data you want(I was not able to cross-check due to lack of internet) but after reading the description I think this could be of use to you. Hope it helps,
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Thanks for the reply !!

I did go through the website but I couldn’t find how to download the data or if there is an API to access the data of the GBIF files Macaulay Library.

I want to download the data from the site but there are 3 options to download on the page " Macaulay Library Audio and Video Collection" (

  • GBIF annotated archive

  • Source Archive

  • GBIF annotated archive

And also the site is lagging too much while accessing. Is it happening with me or you are also facing the same problem ?

I’m searching for some other ways to download the files from the site, please do let me know if you get anything.

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