Share Your Work Here: Assignment 1

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We’re taking a slightly unusual approach for this course. All your assignment submissions will be public, in the form of Jupyter notebooks, blog posts, demo videos etc. You will get to share and get feedback on your work from the entire community, and you will also get to learn from all the other participants.

Reply to this thread to share what you’re working on. You can share the following:

  • Jupyter notebooks hosted on Jovian. Be sure to add a nice title and a helpful description of your work.
  • Blog posts or tutorials you have written as part of the assignments and course project (yes, you’ll be writing blog posts!)
  • Video demos or animations of your how your model is performing
  • Anything else you have created as part of this course, or otherwise.

Note: While commenting to others’ work, please be courteous, supportive and give constructive feedback to make this a positive learning environment for everyone.


Launching the assignment notebook on binder leads to a notebook where is impossible to install torch:


PLEASE supply info in order to do the assignment and make the notebook work.

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Try running it on Colab as it provides GPU support powering the Pytorch speed and overall performance. Although I am running pytorch on binder perfectly. In fact you don’t really need to pip install torch as it comes preinstalled. Just import it. Try closing and running it again.

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Hello everyone :slight_smile: ! Hope you all doing good. I am sharing link to my first pytorch assignment -

Kindly have a look, if any corrections, do let me know. :slight_smile:

Thanks @aakashns and Jovian team for this initiative and making this world a better place. :clap: :pray:


Hey everyone! Hope you’re all safe. :innocent: Here’s the link to my first pytorch assignment -

Your comments are greatly appreciated :v:t2: :blush:

Thanks @aakashns and Jovian team for your efforts! :clap:t2:


When is the deadline for Assignment 1?

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Hey @xa-paudel, the deadline for the first assignment is Dec 5, 2020, before 11:59 PM GMT.

Sir I am unable to save my assignment. Thats why i am unable to submit. When I am trying to submit after paste my API it is continuously running. What to do.

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Hello @hemanth, Can I do the course “Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas” now to earn a certificate or it’s already over?

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yes you can just check at


Can you elaborate the exact issue or error it is giving. If possible along with the Screenshot. Try clearing the kernel and running all cells.

Hi @lavanya_m, the Zero to Pandas course is now self paced, you can watch the videos lectures and submit your assignments and project which will be evaluated.

Check out the link posted above by @swapnilg4u.


Okay Thanks @swapnilg4u and @hemanth :v:t2: :blush:


Hello everyone hope you doing good ,

here comes my part sharing my work for you guys about tensor funcions along with demonstration of how you could you use them in real life scenario so definitely go and check it out
link for NoteBook :Fancy Tensor Function and Operations

Hi readers…Hope you all and your loved ones are safe… This is my work for this assignment… Hope you like it… Open to your suggestions and comments on my work and all the best to me fellow learners on completing the assignment.

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Hello everyone, my assignment on tensor operations. Please feel free to suggest any sort of modifications. All the suggestions are welcomed :innocent:
here is the link -


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Hey @sameer9437 did you try restarting the kernel and try jovian.commit? as suggested by @swapnilg4u

Also, can you let me in which environment you’re facing this issue? Colab/Kaggle/Binder/Local jupyter

Here is my first assignment -

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