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Assignment 1

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We’re taking a slightly unusual approach for this course. All your assignment submissions will be public, in the form of Jupyter notebooks, blog posts, demo videos etc. You will get to share and get feedback on your work from the entire community, and you will also get to learn from all the other participants.

Reply to this thread to share what you’re working on. You can share the following:

  • Jupyter notebooks hosted on Be sure to add a nice title and a helpful description of your work.
  • Blog posts or tutorials you have written as part of the assignments and course project (yes, you’ll be writing blog posts!)
  • Video demos or animations of your how your model is performing
  • Anything else you have created as part of this course, or otherwise.

Note: While commenting to others’ work, please be courteous, supportive and give constructive feedback to make this a positive learning environment for everyone.


Hi everyone!
Here’s my exploration on some of PyTorch’s tensor functions. I look forward to reading what others have to share. Here is my medium blog post that briefly explains the tensor functions I explored.


Hi everyone,

I was having issues with the responsiveness of the mybinder site and decided to run the notebook locally. I love working in VSCode and apparently it also supports commits to jovian so I wrote a little guide to hopefully alleviate a few of your problems. It was a bit more troublesome than expected but I’m really happy with the results.

I hope this is the correct way to post this and that this helps anyone currently stuck on their assignments due to the large server-load.



Thanks for sharing @allenkong221, this is a very well-written blog post! I’m learning about torch.linspace for the first time, looks like a very useful function.


Hi there .
i have gone through some basic functions in pytorch and here’s my work :

here’s also the link to my blog :


Hi ive also created my work. , But i have no experience writing blogs sorry for that. Here is my work


Hi everyone,
I have gone through some functions and listed five basic functions in pytorch and here is the link to the notebook: Some of basic PyTorch’s tensor functions


Hey everyone,

Here is my submision for the first assignment Assignment 1 All About torch.Tensor
I did not want to write a blog post for this one but I will write some when I do something worth the effort.



Hi all,

Here is link to my notebook for assignment 1 -

Hello everyone, here is my submission.

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Hello All,
Please find my 1st assignment on PyTorch basics:

Hi All,
Here is my explored functions.

Hi All,

Sharing my submission for the first assignment. Assignment 1: Five functions of PyTorch Tensors for Beginners. Also, here’s the link to my blog post: Five functions of PyTorch Tensors for Beginners. Thanks


Hi everyone here is my 1st assignment on PyTorch Basics Thank you.


Hi there. This is my first assignment.
The torch doc is helpful but it isnt well organized.
Thks for the wonderful lecture.

Hi everyone!
Here’s the link to my notebook and also to my medium blog post

Hi EveryOne
I have gone through with youtube video

This is my Nodebook :
This is blog post : []
If you have question let me know

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my work is here, very simple and starting level

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Hey guys, so I have planned on doing this a different way, not finishing my assignment too fast, taking a whole week to learn stuff and finally completing my assignment. Here I have a blog post and there’s my 1st week plan too, hope you can read it out. Thank you in advance!!

“My 6 weeks of learning Deep Learning” by Manav Khadka

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