Share your work : June 8 - June 14

Use this thread to share your work from this week.

The best way to structure your reply is to include:

  • Name of the Project(Could be the blog title)
  • Brief Summary
  • Link to your work
  • Learnings

Read the getting started post to understand what you can post:

My blog post on medium. i think it looks cool:

My notebook for the insurance.csv:

Here is the blog post associated with this assignment

Give a look and share your feed backs.

Sorry for posting here so late. I’m vey slow learner, It was very difficult for me, but i think that I"ve finally learned the Linear Regression, I did the exercise and tried with different datasets and examined every line of code and tried to understand.

This is my notebook: [02-insurance-linear-regression]

Here is my blogpost doing Linear Regression with the Weather in Szegad Dataset by Kaggle:
Linear Regression with PytTorch

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Hello everyone! :slight_smile: I’m happy to share my blog here. Please check out.

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This is my work on assignment 2

and this is my blog on the same

I completed my assignment2 and also wrote a blog post with my linear reg. model on energy efficiency dataset with good results.
Code :
Blog :
As my account is not committing ,i am sharing the kaggle link.
I also shared this link for assignment, any problem with that? Please reply bro @aakashns

Basic assignment here.

Extension project here.

As Jovian isn’t currently functioning, I’m holding off on the blog post until such time as it’s back up.

Hello everyone,
I’ve submitted my assignment earlier.
Here’s my Blog post
Please do check it …
Feedbacks are welcome :slight_smile: :grinning:

Here is my notebook and here’s a blog : Actually using Deep Neural Network Layers without learning what they even are!

Hi everyone,
Just a follow up to my original post:
Here is the medium blog link:

Hope you guys enjoy it! and as always looking forward to all your feedback.
@aakashns @aadhav-n2


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Hello everyone,
Here is My Third Week Assignment-3 :
Feed Forward Neural Network.
Here is
My NoteBook
My Medium Blog :
“ How To Create a Deep Neural Network Model Using CIFAR-10 Dateset.” by Ritesh Kumar

Do check it out. I hope you all Like, Share, and Claps. :clap: :clap:
So if you think it’s interesting.
Thank You :blush:


My work :
My article :éseaux-de-neurones-profonds-sur-un-gpu-avec-pytorch-d688983bd244
Thx a lot :slight_smile:

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I managed to get 0.712 0.548 accuracy on my assignment 3:

Since I was happy with those results, I decided to apply the ff nn to my previous medium post on bike lane usage in montreal and improved the loss substantially:


edit: thanks @anivorlis for spotting my error with the data loader


Hi guys, this is my 53% only model

my blog, in portuguese


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Hey, Hello everyone, hope all are good:D
Here are my notebook result of the assignment
and if you want to read the blog that i write you can go to this link, good night to everyone and good vibes

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Hey folks. Here is my job if someone is interested.
Also I have written my first blog post :3

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Hey guys,
Just finished the blog post for this assignment.
You can also view my previous post for 3rd Notebook here.
Accuracy is about 55%. Do check it out and give your valuable feedback.


Hey viewers,

I just completed the third assignment. I used the architecture of 5 layers and ReLU activation function and I am able to achieve 52% accuracy.

Check out my Jupyter Notebook and the blogpost on medium and help me improve by giving feedback.

Happy Learning…!! :heart: