Study Groups Guidelines

One of the best ways to join and learn from our community is to form a virtual study group – a group of people who e-meet periodically to discuss what they’ve read. Study groups also allow you to have informative and fun discussions with other community members from timezone/city.

What exactly is a study group and how is it beneficial?

A study group typically consists of 5-10 people who meet online for one hour, once a week to discuss the book they’ve read and engage in meaningful discussions around it. Each study group can decide on its own pace and time of e-meeting. There are many benefits to forming a study group. This article summarizes them quite well:

How can I start a new study group?

Fill the Study group request form and we will get back to you in 10 to 12 hours.

What are the steps to create a study group on the Jovian forum?

To create a study group, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Study Groups page and create a new topic.
  2. Choose an informative title for the group e.g. “New York (EST) Weekly Study Group”.
  3. Add a description about how you plan to run the study group, which communication and video conferencing platforms you plan to use, times at which you would like to meet etc.
  4. Interested members then reply to your topic to join your study group.

How can I join an existing study group?

To join an existing study group, follow these points:

  1. Go to the Study Groups page and look through the list of study groups. Try to find one in your city/time zone.
  2. Comment “I’m interested” on the topic, and you’ll start getting notifications when someone replies to the topic.
  3. The organizer will post details on how you can keep in touch with others in the group as well as the weekly schedule for discussions over video calls.
  4. If you cannot find a study group for your city/time zone, you should consider creating one.

What should I do in a study group review session?

First, you should conduct a poll to find a convenient time for everyone for a video call. During the call:

  • One person can share their screen, and scroll through the notebook, cell by cell.
  • If anyone has any doubt about a cell, they can share, and you can have a discussion around it.
  • Everyone can share what they are planning to do for the assignment, and if already done, they can share links with the study group.
  • The study group is a place for community members to help and learn from each other.

How to invite people to join your group?

For an effective study group, you need at least 5-10 members. To invite New members in the group:

  1. Write a post explaining the topic and agenda of the group.
  2. Share details about the communication platforms (including links is ideal).
  3. Share this post on relevant social media platforms where you can find like-minded study partners.

What platforms can be used for communicating with other study group members?

  • We strongly recommend the use of Jovian Forum to keep everything in place and respect privacy. You can use other platforms, like Discord, Slack, WhatsApp, or Telegram if you feel they are a better fit for the group.
  • If you choose Slack, then you can use our DSNet Slack group. Just make a public/private channel and start the discussions.
  • For video chats you can use Zoom, Hangouts, Teams, etc.

How to share projects in study group?

  • You can share your Jupyter notebooks and projects by creating collections on the Jovian Platform and adding the notebooks there.

How can I help the study groups?

  • You can organize Office Hours, QnA Webinars.
  • Organize webinars (Career-related topics, feature industry experts, consider topics requested by the group, etc).
  • Promote the groups on social media to attract new users.

What are the kind of discussions can we have in study groups?

Every month, you can bring together your study group to:

Why should I become a study group facilitator?

Besides great learning, the perks are many:

  • Free unlimited private repositories on Jovian Platform for 1 year
  • Exclusive Swags Pack
  • First and Free Access to Upcoming Courses
  • Recognition - Homepage, Newsletter, Explore, Social Media
  • Opportunity to be a speaker at Jovian Community Events
  • Exclusive access to new features
  • Access to Office Hours with the Jovian team every month
  • Study Group Facilitator Badge

To be eligible for the perks, you have to some commitment towards your study group for 30 days