[Training] Free Packt Workshops Access for 1 Year


Packt is providing free one year access to their following workshops due to COVID-19.
Feel free to Join and Start Learning some great skills.
Offer expires on May 31st 2020.

Workshops provided:
Data Science Workshops:

  1. The Data Science Workshop
  2. The Data Visualization Workshop
  3. The SQL Workshop

Programming Languages

  1. The Python Workshop
  2. The Ruby Workshop
  3. The Java Workshop
  4. The Go Workshop
  5. The Clojure Workshop
  6. The C++ Workshop

Access Here


Thank You for providing this resource , the data visualization course is really good


You are Welcome @ritikchawla I hope you will get great learning from there !

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Great recommendation, thank you so much for sharing!

Thanks for sharing. Great resources for learners . :blush: :smile: