Unable to commit my notebook

I have added the dataset from Kaggle and first commit is working fine but I am unable to commit
after 2nd time. Due to this I am unable to save my progress.

We need more information about the “unable to commit” part.

I am using kaggle data set with Amazon Prime TV Shows | Kaggle
opendataset module.

After the first I am not able to commit again.

Below message I got when I try to commit

[jovian] Error: Failed to read the Jupyter notebook. Please re-run this cell to try again. If the issue persists, provide the “filename” argument to “jovian.commit” e.g. "jovian.commit(filename=‘my-notebook.ipynb’)"

So, if it asks for a filename, then provide it?

jovian.commit(blablabla, filename="something", blablabla2)

That too I tried , but that one also is not working


The issue is resolved now. Since when I downloaded the csv file from Kaggle it created a new directory (./amazon-prime-tv-shows/Prime TV Shows Data set.csv) and added that csv file there. So while committing jovian won’t able to find the python notebook to commit
in that directory and causing the issue.

Move the csv file outside of that director to make it work.